Virtual IPs


In order to interact with this feature you must first retrieve a particular load balancer, like so:

$loadBalancer = $service->loadBalancer('{id}');

List Virtual IPs

You can list the VIPs associated with a load balancer like so:

$vips = $loadBalancer->virtualIpList();

foreach ($vips as $vip) {
    /** @var $vip of OpenCloud\LoadBalancer\Resource\VirtualIp **/

Get existing VIP

To retrieve the details of an existing VIP on a load balancer, you will need its ID:

Add Virtual IPv6

You can add additional IPv6 VIPs to a load balancer using the following method:

use OpenCloud\LoadBalancer\Enum\IpType;

$loadBalancer->addVirtualIp(IpType::PUBLIC, 6);

the first argument is the type of network your IP address will server traffic in - and can either be PUBLIC or PRIVATE. The second argument is the version of IP address, either 4 or 6.

Add Virtual IPv4

Similar to above:

use OpenCloud\LoadBalancer\Enum\IpType;

$loadBalancer->addVirtualIp(IpType::PUBLIC, 4);

Remove Virtual IP

You can remove a VIP from a load balancer.



A load balancer must have at least one VIP associated with it. If you try to remove a load balancer’s last VIP, a ClientErrorResponseException will be thrown.