Health Monitors


In order to interact with this feature you must first retrieve a particular load balancer, like so:

$loadBalancer = $service->loadBalancer('{id}');

Retrieve monitor details

/** @var $healthMonitor OpenCloud\LoadBalancer\Resource\HealthMonitor **/

$healthMonitor = $loadBalancer->healthMonitor();

    "Monitoring type: %s, delay: %s, timeout: %s, attempts before deactivation: %s",
    $healthMonitor->type, $healthMonitor->delay, $healthMonitor->timeout

For a full list, with explanations, of required and optional attributes, please consult the official documentation

Update monitor

    'delay'   => 120,
    'timeout' => 60,
    'type'    => 'CONNECT'
    'attemptsBeforeDeactivation' => 3

Delete monitor