Error Pages


In order to interact with this feature you must first retrieve a particular load balancer, like so:

$loadBalancer = $service->loadBalancer('{id}');

An error page is the html file that is shown to the end user when an error in the service has been thrown. By default every virtual server is provided with the default error file. It is also possible to set a custom error page for a load balancer.

View Error Page Content

$errorPage = $loadBalancer->errorPage();
$errorPageContent = $errorPage->content;

/** @var $errorPageContent string **/

In the example above the value of $errorPageContent is the HTML for that page. This could either be the HTML of the default error page or of your custom error page.

Set Custom Error Page

$errorPage = $loadBalancer->errorPage();
    'content' => '<HTML content of custom error page>'

Delete Custom Error Page

$errorPage = $loadBalancer->errorPage();