Allowed Domains

List Allowed Domains

You can list all allowed domains using a load balancer service object. An instance of OpenCloud\Common\Collection\PaginatedIterator is returned.

$allowedDomains = $service->allowedDomainList();

foreach ($allowedDomains as $allowedDomain) {
    /** @var $allowedDomain OpenCloud\LoadBalancer\Resource\AllowedDomain **/

Access Lists

Access Lists allow fine-grained network access to a load balancer’s VIP. Using access lists, network traffic to a load balancer’s VIP can be allowed or denied from a single IP address, multiple IP addresses or entire network subnets.

Note that ALLOW network items will take precedence over DENY network items in an access list.

To reject traffic from all network items except those with the ALLOW type, add a DENY network item with the address of


In order to interact with this feature you must first retrieve a particular load balancer, like so:

$loadBalancer = $service->loadBalancer('{id}');

View Access List

You can view a load balancer’s access list:

$accessList = $loadBalancer->accessList();

foreach ($accessList as $networkItem) {
    /** @var $networkItem OpenCloud\LoadBalancer\Resource\Access **/

Add Network Items To Access List

You can add network items to a load balancer’s access list very easily:

    (object) array(
        'type'    => 'ALLOW',
        'address' => ''
    (object) array(
        'type'    => 'DENY',
        'address' => ''

In the above example, we allowed access for 1 IP address, and used the “” wildcard to blacklist all other traffic.

Get the executable PHP scripts for this example:

Remove Network Item From Access List

You an remove a network item from a load balancer’s access list: