List all limits

This call provides a list of all applicable limits for the specified account.

$limits = $service->limits();

Absolute limits

There are some absolute limits imposed on your account - such as how many domains you can create and how many records you can create for each domain:

$absoluteLimits = $limits->absolute;

// Domain limit
echo $absoluteLimits->domains;

// Record limit per domain
echo $absoluteLimits->{'records per domain'};

List limit types

To find out the different limit types you can query, run:

$limitTypes = $service->limitTypes();

will return:

array(3) {
  [0] => string(10) "RATE_LIMIT"
  [1] => string(12) "DOMAIN_LIMIT"
  [2] => string(19) "DOMAIN_RECORD_LIMIT"

Query a specific limit

$limit = $service->limits('DOMAIN_LIMIT');
echo $limit->absolute->limits->value;