In order to interact with the functionality of databases, you must first retrieve the details of the instance itself. To do this, you must substitute {instanceId} for your instance’s ID:

$instance = $service->instance('{instanceId}');

Creating a new database

To create a new database, you must supply it with a name; you can optionally specify its character set and collating sequence:

// Create an empty object
$database = $instance->database();

// Send to API
    'name'          => 'production',
    'character_set' => 'utf8',
    'collate'       => 'utf8_general_ci'

You can find values for character_set and collate at the MySQL website.

Deleting a database



This is a destructive operation: all your data will be wiped away and will not be retrievable.

Listing databases

$databases = $service->databaseList();

foreach ($databases as $database) {
    /** @param $database OpenCloud\Database\Resource\Database */