Scaling Policies


In order to interact with the functionality of a group’s scaling policies, you must first retrieve the details of the group itself. To do this, you must substitute {groupId} for your group’s ID:

$group = $service->group('{groupId}');

Get all policies

$policies = $group->getScalingPolicies();

foreach ($policies as $policy) {
    printf("Name: %s Type: %s\n", $policy->name, $policy->type);

Create new scaling policies

Creating policies is achieved through passing an array to the create method.

$policies = array(
    'name'     => 'NEW NAME',
    'change'   => 1,
    'cooldown' => 150,
    'type'     => 'webhook',


Get an existing scaling policy

$policy = $group->getScalingPolicy('{policyId}');

Update a scaling policy

$policy = $group->getScalingPolicy('{policyId}');
    'name' => 'More relevant name'

Delete a scaling policy

$policy = $group->getScalingPolicy('{policyId}');

Execute a scaling policy

$policy = $group->getScalingPolicy('{policyId}');