Group configurations


In order to interact with the functionality of a group’s configuration, you must first retrieve the details of the group itself. To do this, you must substitute {groupId} for your group’s ID:

$group = $service->group('{groupId}');

Get group configuration

/** @var  */
$groupConfig = $group->getGroupConfig();

Edit group configuration

    'name' => 'New name!'

Get launch configuration

/** @var */
$launchConfig = $group->getLaunchConfig();

Edit group/launch configuration

$launchConfig = $group->getLaunchConfig();

$server = $launchConfig->args->server;
$server->name = "BRAND NEW SERVER NAME";

    'args' => array(
        'server' => $server,
        'loadBalancers' => $launchConfig->args->loadBalancers